South Uist

South Uist

Monday, 16 September 2013

Space - Is it the final frontier?

We all need space to think, space to dream, space to imagine what could be!

How many of us consider it a luxury or due to our upbringing a willful waste of "constructive time".
Daydreaming is something frowned upon, how many us at school witnessed the child staring out of the window in class, lost in some other World, or maybe we were that child.
I'm not suggesting that children shouldn't pay attention in class, but often boredom and lack of attention stems out disengagement.
Its fairly normal to consider daydreaming being synonymous with laziness.
Daydreaming in its creative form, for the technically minded when the brain is in an alpha state is an integral part of developing that space that we can all give ourselves. Many successful scientists, researchers and entrepreneurs make the space in their lives to let their mind wander a little.  I have found most of my ideas spring into my head whilst staring out of the window of a Glasgow bus. Some of them great ideas, others maybe a little crazy.

Creativity starts with quantity, not quality. Being selective and discriminating is the hard part that comes later.

I consider that the space is not only constructive, but essential to well-being, positive self image and creativity.
We have to think of the imagination as one of our most essential life tools we need "Space" to develop and explore our imagination and thus creativity.

This is the creativity that we ALL possess. We must STOP NOW thinking that creativity is the preserve of  "Creative people", those special gifted ones, the artists, musicians, film-makers, dancers.

Children particularly in this busy, frenetic world  are often unable to take the opportunity to have this space to explore and play. With adequate space children will be able to live in a world of magic, joy and wonder. The sharing of creative play is surely a keystone to connectiveness and the development of self expression and self esteem.

This is a short animation experiment - One of the many creative ideas to try in my Pilot your own Spaceship workshops.

I am personally passionate that all children are special and unique and giving them space to develop their creative and imaginative skills is essential in building resilience and self confidence.
My own experience working with vulnerable adults suggest that much of their anxiety and lack of confidence stems from the same feelings they had when they were younger.
Children need the space and freedom to express themselves. Disadvantage and poverty eats away, if not totally destroys the space to express and be creative. Expressive and creative confidence builds and sustains personal confidence and with it connectedness, not only with close family and friends, but the wider world.

Confident and resilient children tend to make confident and resilient adults.

Is space the final frontier I'm sure its not, its part of a journey we can all take to more creative and resilient lives.

Other news : Last week I recently attended a training day with Barnardos on the theory and practice of attachment theory by Dr Suzanne Zeedyk and was total blown away by the emotional intensity and passion of everyone on that day.
Check out the tremendous work by Suzanne.

I am still working on venue for the small one off show for the Painted Coast Project for Macmillan Cancer Support:  News on that one hopefully coming soon.

Bye for now from a wet and wild Glasgow.