South Uist

South Uist

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

The Sea in Twenty five Parts

For those of you who follow my painfully intermittent blog entries and those catch me on my website or twitter I spent a great deal of time in the summer publicising and preparing for the 100 Pebbles Event for the Beatson Pebble Appeal.
This November on the Saturday 26th I will be staging another painting event with the support of the Green Gallery Buchlyvie.
The event which I have christened the "The Sea in Twenty five parts" will look to raise funds for the Artlink Central charity. They are an arts agency working across Central Scotland, engaging artists in communities. Established in 1988, they are a charity based in Stirling, with a focus on developing evidence-based practice in the following areas:
· Arts and Health
· Arts and Disability
· Arts in Prisons
· Arts and Young People
I feel you cannot underestimate the power of creativity in developing, supporting individuals in these difficult times and am proud to support such a charity working in Central Scotland. Please refer to the this link for more information.

As part of the Green gallery's Christmas Fair the artist will paint 25 10x10 inch paintings in acrylic. These seascapes I see as akin to a musical work. All with a common thread and theme, but each unique. This is another opportunity to allow the public to purchase an original piece of work at very low cost. On this occasion I will be using deep 3D canvas and a slightly larger size than the pebbles event to produce works that have visual impact, but will require no framing and can be hung straight on the wall. As I will not have to sustain the breakneck pace of the Pebbles Event the work will be slightly more detailed and more in keeping with my Gallery work in Oil.
With the continued support of Ken Bromley Art supplies who made a MASSIVE contribution to the Beatson 100 Pebbles Event the canvas was purchased today. All the other materials are at hand, paint,knives and brushes.
With the help and support of the Green gallery's owner Becky Walker I look forward to this smaller scale event to be a big success for the Artlink charity.
More information to come for this important event, and don't forget that the Green Gallery Christmas Fair is open to the general public Sat/Sun 26th 27th November, Buchlyvie, Stirlingshire.
For contact details and directions

This is a well established and publicised event .. so all are welcome.. Lots of arts/crafts and Christmas gifts will be available of sale.. So jump into the Christmas spirit in good time for those unique items and another opportunity to catch the artist painting in front of the public!

See you soon


Friday, 12 August 2011

100 Pebbles and Blue Man Group

So at last I have put fingers to keyboard and long overdue! The 100 Pebbles event now finished, a busy day, and all the planning and estimating was great in theory. The task in hand was finished with 5 minutes to spare, a total of 100 paintings in seven and half hours. A BIG thanks for all those who supported me before and during the fact.. Especially the Beatson fund-raising team who took the money and chatted to the visitors to the gallery. Another BIG BIG thank you goes to Frances Lowrie, Owner and Director of the Art Exposure Gallery who supported the event from the beginning and supplied the space, the wall :) and numerous coffees and teas to keep me going.
Here you can see the work well into the first part of the morning, Blue blue and more blue. As one visitor ryely commented you could audition for the Blue Man group and its true I spent most of my day with a blue right hand. Some might think I missed my vocation as a Smurf .. Smurfs painting in 3D!
I never thought as a seascape painter I could get tired of blue! You will be pleased to know after a brief blue free period the artist is now fully recuperated and back to blue in his work. Due to the unseasonally sunny weather in Glasgow that day we may not have attracted so many people away from the 70s music DJ and Brazilian parade as we would have liked, but we made a very good start and drew a very positive response from visitors who most of which put their hands in their pockets and bought a painting. Interestingly with all the finished work being hung as it was completed, many people wanted the one they saw me painting. I suppose you don't see that all that often. The artist painting you something right before your eyes. There are still pieces to be purchased and all of the money goes to the Beatson Pebble Appeal.
All of us will be touched by cancer in some way in our lives, either directly or indirectly so the Beatson's work has never been so important. So purchasing one of the 100 Pebble paintings can help them with their research and care. Difficult times for all, but all contributions are gratefully received.
Anyone interested in buying one of the pieces should contact me on rawnsleyart@gmail and I will happily pass on your details to the team at the Beatson. REMEMBER its only £20 for an original piece of art, 8 x 8 inches canvas - painted in acrylic all bearing the Pebble stencil. This symbol shows that the work is from this day and all the canvasses are numbered. It was early decision not to sign the work with my normal signature to set the work aside as something special and the focus on the charity, not on the artist.

On other matters the artist is now proud to announce his association with the gallery who are based in both in Glasgow and Edinburgh.
Please check out for details of rolling auction for the Beatson Pebble Appeal. I saw the painting first hand at the preview for the galleries current Alumni exhibition so take a look at another way that you can contribute through art to the Beatson's great work.
Details below:
We are currently holding an auction on a rolling basis for the Beatson Pebble Appeal of "Scholarly Reflections" by Karen Cairns, with the highest bid on display each day, so visitors can bid at any time during the run of the current Alumni exhibition at our Glasgow gallery. We’re confident that the work will raise a good sum to help support a great cause. For more information, contact Cathy on 0141 221 4502
I recently took this picture when taking the Hector "the white menace" as he is known for an afternoon walk. This is the Cementry here in Summerston North Glasgow, normally a very peaceful place. This struck me how powerful nature can be.
That was one windy day or possibly bionic squirrels ;)

The artist is currently working on some ideas for jewellery, anything to help the starving artist in a bid to keep a roof over his head. Tentative this venture is to be known as Gaelic Isle Jewellery. The idea is to take the colours of Scotland and Ireland and produce competitively priced work which is influenced by nature and the beauty of the scenery and seas of the Highlands and wild places of these Gaelic outposts of NW Europe.
Still working on pieces and more importantly trying to tackle the nightmare of macro shots and getting enough light to do them justice, both in detail and in colour.

More details coming up soon.

Go raibh maith agaibh mo chairde.

slán Ian

Saturday, 23 July 2011

100 Pebbles almost there!

This is the final entry before the big day on Sunday. Hard to believe that we have been working at this for months and the day is almost upon us.
Canvas purchased,delivered and numbered. Paint mixed and knives and brushes at the ready.
BIG THANK YOUs to Millers Art shop, Stockwell Street, Winsor and Newton who came good and to Richard and all the staff at Ken Bromley Art Materials.

The BIGGEST thank you goes to neighbour and friend Jessie, who thrust a cheque in my hand for the stretched canvas and wouldn't take no for an answer.
Spent quite a bit of time mixing the base colours for the event, the paintings are fundamentally based on 2 components, sky and sea so it was important to create a set of consistent and coherent colour matches for the base work.
With 6 paintings already reserved, or purchased we still have some way to go, but we have a great start and many thanks to those friends and aquaintances who have put their hands in their pockets for such a good cause.
The event is due to start at 10.30am on the 24th and finish at 6. Good weather is forcast and fingers crossed for a good turn out for the Merchant City Festival.
On Wednesday this week Caroline Wilson interviewed me by phone for a feature on the event for the Glasgow Evening Times, who have continued to be a long standing supporter of the Beatson cause. A photographer followed up on Thursday morning, a very nice guy who put the artist at ease, although I've never been shy in front of the camera.

I thought it was important to include my longest standing supporter, and the person who has had to put up with 100 Pebbles longer than anyone else, my wife Marian. The photo was taken on a lovely sunny day in Pittenweem on the Fife coast in Scotland, and the bundle of white fur is our not so wee dog Hector who loves to bark at seagulls at every opportunity.
This is a great spot, although the artists insistance on climbing over rocks to get closer to the crashing waves resulted in falling over without the aid of any alcoholic beverage.
Just up the road is Cellardyke which I have tried to capture in oil, and can be found at the Union Gallery in Edinburgh for sale.
This painting was influenced by a visit to Cellardyke as the evening was drawing in, and the light was failing, the ever darkening sea only broken up by the white spray on the black rocks close to the shore. A great moment which I brough back to Glasgow to try and capture on canvas. Hopefully I have have done the moment some justice. This like all of my work has a little bit of me in it, and forms a kind of connection with an event or memory.
I have always try to capture not only the appearance, but something of the mood and feeling.
I will try and capture those same memories and feelings into the 100 Pebbles work which even though in a slightly more tricky medium, acrylic. will demand discipline on the one hand, but also a lighter, more instant approach.
The work will be presented in the Art Exposure Gallery in the format of 10 x 10 canvasses, each of 8 x 8 inches in size. I have always the considered the finished piece as the artwork. 100 separate scenes brought together in a coherent whole.

So pretty much ready for the day, so look forward to an entry telling how we got on and a few pics as well of the occasion. So for anyone in Glasgow visiting the Merchant City Festival tomorrow.. have a good day and make your way to Art Exposure Gallery in Parnie Street, behind the Tron Theatre where Frances Lowrie, the gallery owner and yours truly will look forward to seeing you..
Should be a great day.. See you all there.


Friday, 1 July 2011

Is it July already?

As we get into the month of July the thoughts of the massive challenge of painting 100 paintings in one day is foremost in my mind. There has never been a doubt in my mind the physical challenge is achievable, but the support of others will be pivotal making the event a success.
The Beatson team, the Art Exposure Gallery are pulling together to build up the momentum for the day. The event has already published with Events Glasgow, submitted to the Merchant City Festival online programme, and circulated to the existing Beatson Pebble Appeal supporters via newsletter. In the last few weeks we seek to gain as much publicity to guarantee a great day and the sale of all of the 100 pieces to make the £2000 total. Lets look forward to a fine day for the final day of the Merchant City Festival.

As mentioned previously, Millers Art shop are to supply the paint.
We are still need to raise the £150 for the stretched canvas from local and national companies, with the possible support from a major art materials supplier I am hopefully that we can finalise something in the next week.

Last week I was called my Lord Macfarlane of Bearsden to lend his support to the challenge, who as a major figure in art and commerce in Scotland is greatly appreciated. A very big thanks for the support!

There have been a few offers to purchase a painting before the event so it would be good to have a few guaranteed sales before kick off at the end of the month. I am sure I will be leaning on a few people to dig deep in their pockets for the charity.

The event is not without its critics, my cats Rufus and Barnaby continue to provide advice, usually telling me that cat pictures are much more fun than seascapes. I'm sure we can look forward to a future event called 100 paw prints if they get their way.

Since it's Canada Day today I am reminded of an artist in Quebec, Marcel Gagnon whose arts centre sits next to the the Saint Lawrence river.
This picture was taken on typically frozen day in January this year, the centre closed up , but Gagnon's sculptures hauntingly standing like sentinels over the landscape. The wooden figures continue out in the river, or here the ice. The centre out in the Gaspesie National park of Quebec at Sainte Flavie is easily missed, and the artist learned the limitation of snow tyres in rural Quebec in the winter sliding across the road after sharply applying the brakes to capture a few pictures of Marcel's work in the snow and ice. The things you do for a photograph! Well worth it I think, although I missed a few heart beats as we slid to a stop.
The light is always special in Gaspesie, being lucky to have good friends who live in the Forillion National Park we have been lucky to spend quality time in one of the most beautiful and relatively undiscovered parts of Canada. The blue eastern light is so much like Scotland, thick dark forests, mountains rolling down to the sea. A land of Black bear and blue whale. A very special place indeed.

A special mention for the artist Olivia Irvine whose lovely work is to be found in the Union Gallery in the last few days of their "Now we are Two" exhibition.

I was particularly taken by the beauty of this work, her technique produces a stunning luminosity to the colours which are rich and intense even though the image has ethereal dream like quality to it.
Check her work out if you can. The painting here is called Clearance, I'm sure she won't mind me publishing the image of such lovely work.

That's all for now, anyone interesting in reserving for purchase one of the the 100 Pebble paintings in advance of the event, please contact me my email address where I can pass on the details of the Beatson fundraising team.
Remember its only £20 for an original artwork, that doesn't happen every day. The last blog featured 2 paintings that typified the style of work if needed to know what you might get.

Bye for now.

Glasgow - Scotland

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

100 Pebbles Art Event Latest News.

As we draw closer I'm getting more excited about the project, mind is focused, still ironing out of some of the creative ideas as the pressure will be on.
Yesterday sat down with Frances at the Art Exposure Gallery to discuss the wording for the Merchant City Festival literature.
The Event will start at 10.30am on Sunday 24th July and will finish at 6pm, this gives me a total of 7.5 hrs to complete the 100 piece artwork. My own test pieces are taking between three and three and half mins so within my schedule for the day. I expect it will be easy to motor off at the beginning of the day, but I have to remember this a marathon, not a sprint.
Still working on raising the funds for the stretched canvas, £150 to find, having pushed my supplier to the limit. RRP could be as much as £600 so major progress. Just needs to be funded.
The paint materials for the event will be supplied by Millers Art shop on Stockwell Street, Glasgow.. So a BIG BIG thankyou to them.
All 100 paintings will be seascapes inspired by the beauty and wonder of the Scottish coast. In a simplified style painted in acrylic unlike most of my current work in Oil due to the relatively quick drying time. Below are a couple of examples of the type of work that will be featured. Design and colour may vary.
Each work will be original, I am working on colour ideas, but all work will have a common theme and consistency to produce a consistent final artwork. The final piece will be approx 14ft wide and 4-5 ft high.
Each piece will sell at £20 a piece to raise a total of £2000 for the Beatson Pebble Appeal. I have pitched the price to maximise the money for the charity, whilst making the work accessible to those who might not normally buy an original art work.
I have already had some advance interest in pieces, it will be possible to reserve a piece in advance, the logistics of how we do this still need ironing out with the charity.
There will be a representative for the charity will be on hand during the day to deal with the financial side of things and guarantee that 100% of the funds for the Event will go to the Pebble appeal.

Silly fact for the event :) Part of my preparation for the event will be the need to strengthen up my arm,hand and wrist for the day as over 7 hours of painting is inevitably going to take its toll. Daily Bodhran ( Irish traditional drum for those not familiar with the name ) playing. Can't promise to be playing on the day.
Hope to see as many of you on the day as possible, cancer has entered most of lives either directly or by someone we know. This is is my small part in helping the Beatson reach its target. Lets keep out fingers crossed for the weather and if it is raining come on in and buy a painting.

More details and information as I have them.

Take Care.

Glasgow - Scotland

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

100 Pebbles project continues to move forward

I am pleased announce that the day is set and challenge is firmly set.
The Beatson are fully behind the challenge to paint a single piece of artwork that will be made up of 100 single seascape paintings. Each individual work will be 8 x 8 inches in size , making the total size of the work approx 14 foot wide and over 4 foot high.

The date is set Sunday 24th July and the location will be the Art Exposure Gallery due to the kindness and support of its proprietor Frances Lowrie. The work will be created in one day and will be part of Glasgow's Merchant City Festival.
Millers Art shop Glasgow have agreed to supply the paint for the day and I am still on the look out for financial help to source the stretched canvas to make up the the 100 pieces.

The Beatson Pebble Appeal is a £10M fundraising campaign to build the Beatson Translational Research Centre (TRC); the final element in the creation of the Glasgow Centre for Cancer Research.

For more information on the appeal please check out this link

I know its going to be a big challenge , but well worth it . Each piece of work will retail for £20, making the target of £2000 for all 100 pieces !

More info and news to come.


Friday, 15 April 2011

100 Pebbles on the shore

Having mulled the idea of painting a large number of paintings in one day for charity for a number of years, this week I put the idea into action. Having already offered work for the Beatson Pebble appeal I put the idea to the Beatson and they wish to run with it. This is where the hard begins.
Not only a real challenge to capture the pebble them in a painting,but also one which can be completed in 4 mins is a real challenge.
The whole venture is going to be a real physical challenge, but I think the whole adrenalin thing and I suspect a vast amount of caffeine will be consumed will pull me through.
The logistics is just the start, getting a "buy in" from companies and art groups is a real challenge. Spending time pushing all the contacts and leaning on commercial companies to help in a realistic way to supply the 100 canvasses required for the event.

100 pebbles will be 100 separate paintings , each 12 inch x 12 inch block canvas. Expecting the whole effect to be quite impressive.
Each painting will cost £20, so £2000 and well needed for the Beatson Appeal publicity. Cancer touches all our lives in way or another so it's a seriously important cause.

So onward with 100 Pebbles .. more coming soon.


Tuesday, 8 February 2011

The psychology of Eastern light - Initial thoughts

The question is there a psychological effect on landscape artists by Eastern light? or artists of a certain psychological temperament drawn to paint in the bluer, darker influences of the East.
Having spent many years exploring and enjoying the light of Western shore, West Cornwall, the Atlantic shore of Donegal, the coasts of the Uists in the Scottish Western Isles even though many of these locations attract artists in their droves to capture and utilise that “special” white light, especially in St Ives and the Big Sky. I have only recently drawn to the  darker, bluer light of the East coast of Scotland.
I have found it personally difficult to capture the beauty of the bone white sands, the azure seas as they hold nothing back, stunning and spectacular the scenery almost revels in its own immediacy.
I find the reluctant mystery of the East coast captures the imagination, a reluctance to reveal in the blues and greys of the sea and sky. More unforgiving, a coast inhabited by more ghosts.
Being as artist is about the journey rather than a destination, one foot after the other I will continue to attempt to capture some of that mystery of the Eastern light.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

First time in the real bloggershere -The Irish artist in Glasgow

This is the first short journey online on blogspot having just returned from the far reaches of Quebec, Canada from an area called Gaspasie "The end of the World"  this wonderful peaceful and little known area has similarities with Finistere, Cape Cornwall and Scotland's own Cape Wrath. All these places seem to have a magic where the land and sea meet.
For me as an artist the energy of these places fills the soul with excitement and always provides inspiration and purpose to my work as an artist.

I want to use this area to talk to artists and all who are interested in art.