South Uist

South Uist

Friday, 15 April 2011

100 Pebbles on the shore

Having mulled the idea of painting a large number of paintings in one day for charity for a number of years, this week I put the idea into action. Having already offered work for the Beatson Pebble appeal I put the idea to the Beatson and they wish to run with it. This is where the hard begins.
Not only a real challenge to capture the pebble them in a painting,but also one which can be completed in 4 mins is a real challenge.
The whole venture is going to be a real physical challenge, but I think the whole adrenalin thing and I suspect a vast amount of caffeine will be consumed will pull me through.
The logistics is just the start, getting a "buy in" from companies and art groups is a real challenge. Spending time pushing all the contacts and leaning on commercial companies to help in a realistic way to supply the 100 canvasses required for the event.

100 pebbles will be 100 separate paintings , each 12 inch x 12 inch block canvas. Expecting the whole effect to be quite impressive.
Each painting will cost £20, so £2000 and well needed for the Beatson Appeal publicity. Cancer touches all our lives in way or another so it's a seriously important cause.

So onward with 100 Pebbles .. more coming soon.


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