South Uist

South Uist

Friday, 12 August 2011

100 Pebbles and Blue Man Group

So at last I have put fingers to keyboard and long overdue! The 100 Pebbles event now finished, a busy day, and all the planning and estimating was great in theory. The task in hand was finished with 5 minutes to spare, a total of 100 paintings in seven and half hours. A BIG thanks for all those who supported me before and during the fact.. Especially the Beatson fund-raising team who took the money and chatted to the visitors to the gallery. Another BIG BIG thank you goes to Frances Lowrie, Owner and Director of the Art Exposure Gallery who supported the event from the beginning and supplied the space, the wall :) and numerous coffees and teas to keep me going.
Here you can see the work well into the first part of the morning, Blue blue and more blue. As one visitor ryely commented you could audition for the Blue Man group and its true I spent most of my day with a blue right hand. Some might think I missed my vocation as a Smurf .. Smurfs painting in 3D!
I never thought as a seascape painter I could get tired of blue! You will be pleased to know after a brief blue free period the artist is now fully recuperated and back to blue in his work. Due to the unseasonally sunny weather in Glasgow that day we may not have attracted so many people away from the 70s music DJ and Brazilian parade as we would have liked, but we made a very good start and drew a very positive response from visitors who most of which put their hands in their pockets and bought a painting. Interestingly with all the finished work being hung as it was completed, many people wanted the one they saw me painting. I suppose you don't see that all that often. The artist painting you something right before your eyes. There are still pieces to be purchased and all of the money goes to the Beatson Pebble Appeal.
All of us will be touched by cancer in some way in our lives, either directly or indirectly so the Beatson's work has never been so important. So purchasing one of the 100 Pebble paintings can help them with their research and care. Difficult times for all, but all contributions are gratefully received.
Anyone interested in buying one of the pieces should contact me on rawnsleyart@gmail and I will happily pass on your details to the team at the Beatson. REMEMBER its only £20 for an original piece of art, 8 x 8 inches canvas - painted in acrylic all bearing the Pebble stencil. This symbol shows that the work is from this day and all the canvasses are numbered. It was early decision not to sign the work with my normal signature to set the work aside as something special and the focus on the charity, not on the artist.

On other matters the artist is now proud to announce his association with the gallery who are based in both in Glasgow and Edinburgh.
Please check out for details of rolling auction for the Beatson Pebble Appeal. I saw the painting first hand at the preview for the galleries current Alumni exhibition so take a look at another way that you can contribute through art to the Beatson's great work.
Details below:
We are currently holding an auction on a rolling basis for the Beatson Pebble Appeal of "Scholarly Reflections" by Karen Cairns, with the highest bid on display each day, so visitors can bid at any time during the run of the current Alumni exhibition at our Glasgow gallery. We’re confident that the work will raise a good sum to help support a great cause. For more information, contact Cathy on 0141 221 4502
I recently took this picture when taking the Hector "the white menace" as he is known for an afternoon walk. This is the Cementry here in Summerston North Glasgow, normally a very peaceful place. This struck me how powerful nature can be.
That was one windy day or possibly bionic squirrels ;)

The artist is currently working on some ideas for jewellery, anything to help the starving artist in a bid to keep a roof over his head. Tentative this venture is to be known as Gaelic Isle Jewellery. The idea is to take the colours of Scotland and Ireland and produce competitively priced work which is influenced by nature and the beauty of the scenery and seas of the Highlands and wild places of these Gaelic outposts of NW Europe.
Still working on pieces and more importantly trying to tackle the nightmare of macro shots and getting enough light to do them justice, both in detail and in colour.

More details coming up soon.

Go raibh maith agaibh mo chairde.

slán Ian

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