South Uist

South Uist

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Postcards and the Sounds of the Sea

Greetings mo chairde,

The first entry for 2012 and out of the grey flat skies of the last month came a little colour in the form of two small postcard format pieces I submitted for the exhibition "The Big Postcard Show" currently on at their Edinburgh Gallery in Stockbridge.

Both works capture the wild and unforgiving sea of Wester Ross Scotland. Storms off Wester Ross - 1 and 2 are both Oil on Gesso'd board. Both works required a slight change of technique due the surface properties of board as opposed to linen.
With no reference to land it was difficult to capture the such freedom in such a small format 210 x 148 mm. Only the viewer can decide whether it was achieved.

Both pieces are presented and on sale unframed for only £75.

I must mention the artist Stephanie Earl who commented recently that my work captures the "Sound of Sea" a compliment I thank her for! An elusive quality that I am still striving to achieve. I have always worked to evoke a feeling, not just the physical representation of the water and sky.
The sea is more than a view, it's an emotion, often a companion, sometimes a possessor.

The winter often brings surprises in the midst of incessant days of flat, lifeless grey skies a little colour visited our small garden.

The image is little unclear as it was taken through glass on not the the brightest of days. For many the fox is a pest, but this visitor was almost like a ghost, his eyes following mine, almost as if he could see me thinking. Behind the knowing, a sadness. While he waited for his mate to join him he sat contently taking in the brief photo shoot.

Look out for some possible fox themed work in the future, a bit of a diversion from the sea a welcome change possibly, nice to dwell at the other end of the spectrum, the thick tubes of reds and brown oils are a testament to blues and greens of my sea related work.
Started to work/experiment on some larger format work although all painting is one of scale and so its difficult to achieve the same style/effect when working on larger size canvas.

That's it for now, more news coming soon and as I always promise more frequent entries for the Celtic Wanderer!

Ian - Glasgow Jan 2012

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  1. Love the two paintings my friend! Great textures and wonderful emotion. The second one, i look to the sky just before a huge wave crashes overhead.... Awesome photo of a fox, that must have been a real treat to see. Thanks for sharing Ian!